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Professional editions of Windows 10 ship with the Group Policy Editor that enables users and administrators to make changes to the default configuration of the operating system. Up until now, policy availability was more or less identical for all professional versions of Windows 10. Turns out, this is no longer the case when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is released. Some policies contain a note stating that they only apply to certain editions of Windows 10, with Windows 10 Pro not being listed as one of them. Note: This setting only applies to Enterprise, Education, and Server SKUs. Furthermore, the corresponding Registry keys are not working either anymore which means that Pro users have no option to make changes to features affected by the change. Update official Microsoft source. Microsoft published a new article on Technet that confirms that policies related to tips and tricks and store suggestions cannot be disabled anymore on Windows 10 Pro. Affected Policies. The policies are still listed when you open the Group Policy Editor on Windows 10 Pro or another affected edition of Windows 10. They do contain the note stating that the policy only applies to the listed editions of Windows 10, and modifying the policy has no affect on editions not listed there. Turn off Microsoft consumer experiences. Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Cloud Content. The big one is the Turn off Microsoft consumer experiences policy. We have talked about the feature previously. It powers among other things the installation of third-party apps and extra links on Windows 10. So, if you did not want Candy Crush to be pushed to your operating system, you d disable the policy to block that from happening. The change prevents Windows 10 Pro users from enabling the policy to block third-party application installations or links. Do not show Windows Tips. Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Cloud Content. Windows 10 may show tips to the user of the operating system that explain how to use Windows 10, or how to use certain features of the operating system. The release of Windows 10 Version 1607 restricts the policy to Enterprise and Education SKUs. One option to at least limit the tips is to set the Telemetry level to Basic or below. You find the policy under Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Data Collection and Preview Builds Allow Telemetry. Lock screen. Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Control Panel Personalization. The lock screen displays information such as a clock or notifications to the user of the operating system. The policy do not display the lock screen allowed you to turn the lock screen off so that the logon screen is displayed right away. The change blocks the policy on Windows 10 Pro systems, as it is only available on Enterprise, Education and Server SKUs after the Anniversary Update. Similarly, Prevent changing log screen and logon image and Force a specific default lock screen and logon image are also no longer available on Windows 10 Pro devices. Disable all apps from Windows Store. Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Store. The policy allows you to disable all applications from Windows Store. It blocks the launching of all store apps that came pre-installed or were downloaded before the policy was set. Also, it will turn of Windows Store. The setting applies only to Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10 once the Anniversary Update is installed. Closing Words. The changes take away functionality that was previously a part of the Windows 10 Pro edition. It is without doubt an annoyance, considering that Pro users have no option anymore to disable third-party applications, links or Store apps in general on Windows 10 once the Anniversary Update is installed. Considering that many Pro users won t be able to get Enterprise or Education versions of Windows 10, it is anything but customer friendly. Now You . What s your take on the removal? (Thanks Sergey. What Shiro was trying to say, and I agree, is that Microsoft doesn t own the box, but they own how it operates. They now have control on what it does and what it s limitations are and how it operates. That s the gist of an operating system . No, MS doesn t own the box, but for all practical purposes, they do own the computer through how it operates. Just like if I crushed you in a chess match, I ve owned you . Not literally but figuratively. And yes, people have gobbled it up because it s free. Many times I ve heard the comment, well, everybody is spying on us now so what difference does it make? . They are like lemmings rushing to follow the leader off a cliff. So, their thinking goes if so many others are doing it then it must be good, right? They just don t understand. They are OUR computers and MS has taken control. It s up to us to reclaim that control. Ghacks, Woody Leonhard, and others are helping us understand all of this. @declan I agree. the writer of an operating system has a very privileged position, it s up to them to use the power responsibly. I see so many people who are not just lax, but actually fight *for* Microsoft with reasoning like anyone who has anything bad to say is just spreading fud , or you can always just use something else (which breaks down quickly when it comes to business environments and with software that can t be ported or run as well in wine/etc) or along the lines of that Microsoft somehow deserves to use the information however they want as a reward for being so generous to let us use their software on their terms(which can change at any time). it s a I m not having any problems yet, so everyone else must be faking it kind of thought. My thoughts exactly. I paid for Pro simply to address the issue of Windows Updates being installed without warning during system backups and when shutting down my system. When this happened I was insecure about using the backup, and always wondered if my PC would startup without error. For peace of mind, I purchased Pro so I could set Windows Update to Notify but don t install. My hope is Microsoft will come to their senses and add back GPO to Pro, but until they do I have regressed to build 1511. Windows Update is now set to Notify and Defer Upgrades . I will install only security fixes, no Windows upgrades. I was also having trouble awakening my PC from sleep mode since the Anniversary upgrade. Now that I am back at 1511, it awakens instantly. Maybe unrelated, maybe not. If that s the only reason you got Pro, you don t even need Pro anymore. You can now set Active Hours for the times you schedule your backups to run. Of course, you could have always just proactively installed the updates before starting your backups so there would be no updates left to install while the backup were running. I still not understand the decision to make several OS version instead of making ONE that opt-in only the things what the user needs and let the other crap out which we not want. It would be so easy to make an installer like this. It s all because backward compatibility I think, e.g. IE is still present even if Edge is the replacement because some HTML related internals are still handled by IE to make thinks work. I not say that the entire OS system suck because of it but it would really easy to improve such things and everyone would be happy, especially power users like us. was so fine for beginners which not wanted the registry mess and it s a decend GUi for the stuff you quickly want to change without searching 1 entire day for it. I hope this not means they want to kill it in general (like the old classical control panel [which I prefer]). Some wrong decision can really ruin a good product. Microsoft probably assumes anyone with a reason to use Pro is running a business. They want them to upgrade to Enterprise, and I would not be surprised to see a bit of marketing repackaging for that in the near future. Microsoft does not want people running Pro simply to avoid being a revenue generator for them. By making Pro seriously less attractive, they hope to push businesses to Enterprise and everyone else to Home. That is the only reason for the editions. There is no other reason. Higher price gets you less crippled os, or sometimes more cripled and more bloated. either way, the point is to ask more money from big corporations. you thought it would be cheaper to buy 100 seats. haha. I mean, you will get heavier discounts the less you buy, the more you buy the more you end up paying. and now MS is disabling features instead of fixing the bugs and making it more robust. how many times do I need to reinstall windows 10 this year more? 10? will the dism breaking bug be fixed? why not. actually, disabling windows store apps has a tendency to BREAK THE START MENU. you know the fancy menu. well. that one is a metro app in windows 10 technically. because surely you want your start menu to get fucking suspended and fail to resume when you click it! and surely you want it to use 10x the memory. most annoying is that the metro stuff gets suspended and often fails to wake up if you ve disabled a bunch of stuff or have slow dns even. so you need a start button replacement. seriously, I m actually considering just turning off all updates because they break the os so often. two previous cumulatives have made my system unable to boot or repair itself also wtf is a safe mode that only works if the os works useful for? seriously, check out guides to how to launch windows 10 safe mode , first step is to boot into windows. you can boot straight to some recovery forms, but ms decided to undocument that too! PURE GENIUS. MS just doesn t care. I think this might actually be that many of those policies never worked correctly in any edition anyways and break updates or worse on others. and they couldn t be bothered to fix it. I mean the goddamn windows image tool that you re supposed to use to fix things has been broken in some ways since windows 8 and MS has docs that outright lie up for it. leading to many reinstalling a machine that could be fixed if the dism source command was just pointed to the unpacked winsxs folder from the instead of pointing to the or the root of the unpacked wim because THAT JUST DOESNT WORK like the docs claim. if your breaks and breaks windows update remember this. oh and how does it break? well, install nvidia drivers on a laptop with nvidia/intel gpus. the built in, uninstallable package for remote desktop pseudo 3d emulation breaks from it. it s been like that for months. it breaks windows update silently. it s silly how good of a kernel windows 10 seems to have and how bad the user interface layer and necessary middleware is on _purpose_. never mind all the hundreds of event collectors that have to keep running, or risk breaking reading event logs entirely or breaking the firewall. Microsoft was always evil. They were an abusive monopoly that had to be stopped by the Department of Justice and international courts. Microsoft never listens to customers if it goes against Microsoft marketing agendas. It will fore unwanted bloatware and features on customers that no one asked for. The app store and Windows mobile is a complete failure so now Microsoft wants to shovel this garbage onto the desktop in the delusional hope they could harass users enough into using it. This malevolent company does not stop until it is forced to stop. Time for yet another lawsuit against these lunatics. Dont forger that bill gates is the biggest share holder of Monsanto and a member of depopulation agenda. so yes Microsoft is as evil as Monsanto. Well, since Google and Apple started, Microsoft just does the same. And most people don t care. So, blame the general public. Those companies react on the general public. Unfortunately. To finish off my rant on Win10 OS at work: now that there is a possibly decent edu version, maybe we ll be OK with that; and I can even see some advantages, IF the technologies work properly that is and that has yet to be proven over the long term. There is an app. It s called Microsoft Toolkit on MyDigitalLife forums. It s a KMS emulator. You fix this by picking the highest priced SKU and use that for home use. You bet your bottom dollar MS isn t going to play games with customers buying Enterprise/Datacenter Edition anything. Where s the loss if you never were going to buy Win10/2016 in the first place for moral reasons, considering the way they treat their users? Where GNU and BSD are viable alternatives which take a bit more learning than Windows. Sandeep this probably isn t the place to ask that question. This is MS hater central. Literally a hornets nest of people who despise MS and post hundreds of times with the goal of getting others to despise them too. There are many places that love them too the truth as always is somewhere in the middle. However havens for fan boys and haters are probably not a good place for unbiased info. @Kev: This is not MS hater central . This is any company doing stupid things hater central . I.e. if some company does something stupid, they get criticized. If they do something marvelous, they get praised. It s that simple. Calling somebody a fanboy is so stupid, grow up. Apple has their own closed-source operating system. What Microsoft is doing now, they can just as easily start doing later. It s either Linux, either an alternative FOSS OS that will save us from using software created by such crooked dictators. And Apple does not do that? Has no closed you borrow OS on phones and tablets? Apple is already your master . Apple/Google is worse, than way better Microsoft and at best Linux. So frankly Windows was and is your best workable option. Untrue. Apple does all the same stuff on MacOS, but Apple allows the user to opt out. Microsoft doesn t. The only way to disable Win10 telemetry is to run a 3rd party program like Shutup10 or hack through the registry and task scheduler yourself. I think the question is despite of listed OS types, if this is just an Insider specific change falling into basket of agreeing to be tracked even more than in regular build or it s permanent change that will be introduced to GA build. I was participating in Insider program till they released final version of W10 and there were builds where system was prone to group policy settings I couldn t get Windows Defender, Cortana along with Search and telemetry disabled policies were set but system was ignoring these. The restrictions are part of the retail Anniversary Update version of W10 Pro as well. Look up your congressman s phone number then call them, complain about your privacy, your control of your files and your rights as a consumer. If your complain on a website they don t care about, nothing will happen. If you email them, they really don t listen. If you flood their phone lines, they start to worry. I ve called mine and they didn t even know that this is what MS was doing in windows 10. This means a lot of work to get things on the rails again, the way we want it. We will see next week. really do hope things are not so bad as they seem and we can still use our machine in the way we like to use it. Or else have to use an old backup of Win7. I wonder how much of this crap I can block with firewall rules. So if I move to Mint I will give up a few programs I like. I could set up a dedicated machine for W10 and never connect to the internet. Just use sneaker net to move files around. Or dual boot and just disable network connections. I could at least use the programs. I could download updates to those programs via Mint and move them across on a flash drive. This Windows 10 thing is really a disappointment. Someone mentioned Apple. Do they attempt to do the kinds of things MS does? I don t know much about their OS. I just want to avoid marketing, monitoring and not having applications shoved down my throat. How about third party tools like DWS or Shutup10 do they still work at tackling privacy problems? I hope that removing store, cortana and metro apps are still possible. Anyway, I plan to use Windows only as a gaming platform. Windows 10 enterprise Jack Sparrow edition , anyone. Excellent decision! At this point, I want to see Microsoft do as much harm as possible to anyone who still uses this disgusting and dictatorial operating system which feels more and more like the OS computers would use in a dystopian future of sorts. If anyone freely chooses to use Windows 10, I m sorry, but you might deserve this because people actually put up with that MS is doing, instead of looking for or creating a sane alternative. This is absolutely absurd. If they want to phase Pro out as a business OS, that is perfectly fine. Give us the heads up, let us plan for it, help us migrate But to bit by bit remove features currently available in Pro so as to annoy us into spending money on Enterprise upgrades? That is just under handed. It shows a contempt for the customer and a disregard for those of us who have been faithful Microsoft shops and running Pro for the past decade or more. Candy Crush push installs on Pro business users I don t even know what to say about this. I run Win10 Pro as a VM. I don t allow it internet access except for the Chrome browser through a proxy server that only Chrome knows about (you have to use a Chrome add-in that doesn t use the Windows proxy server settings so that the rest of the Windows components don t know it s there). That way I don t get any advertising and I can control when and if to allow updates. Sounds like I m not going to ever update it again. Also sounds like I m headed to linux permanently for my physical machines once I get a good replacement for Outlook. Think what opportunities this opens for third party app developers. As windows wont allow you to do things anymore that you were used to do before. The Chinese and Russians are going to have a field day. They are going to tear this system to shreds!, and people are going to be more than willing to d/l these fixes , making Win 10 a swiss cheese of security holes, just so you can get back what you lost. What annoys people the most is the loose of control, and they can go to any length to get it back. Every time MS challenges the community they loose BIG TIME. It will be like this folks: Ohh I can t disable lockscreen anymore with gpedit? Hmmm, after some googling I found an app + a registry tweak and some resource hacked system files, Well. let s go with that! Other people will disable MS update all together, as they will be scared to loose even more functionality. Right now you can postpone updates with gpedit, and choose when to d/l, but who knows for how long? Again, a third party solution will be found,(As it s impossible for MS to force you to update if you really don t want to. A fine example of MS purge of functionality in gpedit is when i recently wanted to remove the annoying Smilie crap, in the upper right corner of IE11, I found the policy that was supposed to remove it, applied it, and NOTHING happened. There was no mention of it not working in Pro, it just didn t work. THEN, after a update, the functionality mysteriously reappeared. I don t trust this system, it s as simple as that. Clever move by MS. YOU be the judge. 99% of what you can manage on Pro before will still be manageable. There are just 4 things that you wont be able to manage, and they are mentioned above. Now, I dont agree with the two MS store points, they are bad moves by MS. However, I cant see how the other two are any issue. This article seems to be getting plenty of attention and replies. I ve stuck with Win7 on my Windows boxes and was never tempted to allow the MS pushed upgrade attempts. Given their tactics lately, it seems exceedingly unlikely that I ll ever experience any version of Windows past Win7, especially since my default OS is (Arch) Linux and has been for over 15 years. I have just read Mary Jo Foley s article about Win 10 Anniversary Edition on ZDnet. It s dated July 25 2016. She waxes lyrically about Edge, Windows Store, Cortana, etc, etc, etc, BUT there is absolutely NO MENTION of the gpedit and regedit restrictions for W10 Pro users. I suppose that s par for the course for ZDnet bloggers. She mentions also that the Anniversary Edition is the Release To Manufacturing (RTM) version. In other words, what many Tin Foil Hat Wearers have been saying since July 29, 2015 is true: that ALL Win 10 releases to date have been Alpha or Beta versions. No wonder Win 10 broke so many PCs/Laptops. So, all the Win 10 early adapters and enthusiasts have been unpaid testers / developers for MS by allowing MS to use telemetry and personal data to improve W10. I m glad I kept wearing my Tin Foil Hat. I think you misunderstand about the RTM. She was saying that the most recent build is the RTM version of THAT Windows version (1607. @ M No. RTM means what it says. It is the general release of the finished product . The term RTM is used by nearly all hardware and software companies. She said also that MS did NOT want it to be called this. The obvious reason being that all previous releases were Alpha or Beta and afaik were not classed as RTM. N.B. Please refrain from using the sort of obscenities which you directed at Corky in a previous blog for no obvious reason other than the fact you disagreed with the post. Is there a chance this is just a Windows Insider stunt and in the final version these policies will be available again? Otherwise, MS is just pushing more users to piracy (willingly so. I d happily switch to Linux but many of my favourite programs are Windows-only and it doesn t look this is changing any time soon. I would change to Linux but for a technical moron like me it is still too technical. Thank you for putting into words my thoughts about using Linux. -) The Linux developers should write a guide titled either Linux 101 or Linux for Idiots and keep the book to less than 300 (200 ?) pages. -P. I agree the average user will be put off (rightly so) when it comes to partitioning the drive a mistake could be disastrous. Having said that how many average users would do a Windows clean install. Maybe there is an opening here for small IT contractors. installing Linux and setting up the basics for users. I use Linux at home and it is fine for average browsing, email. office package etc. For business use though it doesn t really work e.g think payroll packages and line of business applications only available from Windows software developers. Which Distro did you try? I m a big fan of Linux Mint, and suggest giving it a look. It s pretty much positioned to be the neophytes Linux IMHO and if you use the Cinnamon UI it ll feel so much like windows you ll be surprised. I tried Ubuntu and Mint and wanted it on my computer to double boot. I failed badly with the partitioning and the help I could find on the web was more confusing than anything else. Maybe I will try again. Thank you for your post. Which distribution of Linux did you try? For beginners, try the Linux Mint distribution. Run it as Live mode from a USB flash drive to try it out without making ANY changes to your hard disk. There are many how-to guides to do this. I see far too many Linux fans downplay the technical parts. And I see too many non-fans make sweeping statements because they tried one of the distributions for 10 minutes back in 2003. There are 100 s of Linux distributions. Now for a quick family tree of one of the most popular lineages: DEBIAN is a very well respected Linux distribution. Its philosophy does not make it a good general desktop choice. UBUNTU is based on Debian with a LOT of desktop friendly and other enhancements. Arguably the most used desktop distribution. MINT is based off Ubuntu. Much less core work than Ubuntu from Debian. Mostly a more Windows-like UI and some user friendly tweaks. I run Ubuntu, but I m a technical person. Also, I do not game at all. I dual boot with Windows 10, but noticed I almost never go to it and when I do I absolutely hate it because I ve customized my desktop experience just the way I want it. The privacy issues were the final straw so now I run Windows in a virtual machine on my Linux desktop for the rare occasion I need to test something. Hello, thank you for your reply. Please look at my post @Gezzer. My BIG problem was I wanted Ubuntu/Mint double booting with Win8.1 since I will keep it until support runs out. That s were the prob began and I was not able to partition my harddrive plus could not find any understandable help on the web. It s too technical and I would need something in clear dumbo language. Quite a while ago I had Ubuntu running on an old desktop with the help of Wubi but this nice little thing supposedly does not work anymore or is not recommended anymore. So right now I am not fiddling around with my harddrive. Maybe I will try to get Ubuntu/Mint on a flashdrive but to be honest I want it on my pc and double boot. Maybe in the future there will be another working Wubi. Anyways, thank you for your help. It s always best to run a live CD or live USB with Linux installed, to see if that distro works on your system. 2 options for install. 1) If you can run two hard drives on your system, that would be best. Just add the new hard drive, and use that one for Linux (my preference is Linux Mint. 2) If you can t do that, Instead of partitioning, SHRINK your current windows partition, and install Linux on that (after backing everything up). Here s a good article on that. Get a Live Ubuntu disk and play with it. You don t have to install it to use it and you can learn how things aren t as hard as they seem! It will run a little slower than if it were on the hdd but a very fully functional OS! You can use it to access windows and even fix windows! Then get another hdd and duel boot. If you mess up it s a learning experience and you start over and you get more comfortable with the process and then everything just becomes natural and soon windows will be a thing of the past. @ FUD . This change in GPEdit will only be implemented with the coming 02 Aug 2016 Anniversary Update, which incidentally also likely happens to be the same as the very recent Win 10 Insider Test Build 14393. if Build 14393 has this change in GPEdit for Win 10 Pro, the Anniv Update will also be having this change. Running Win 10 Pro cptrs, which r still based on Build 10586, do not hv this change in GPEdit yet, only on or after 02 Aug 2016 s Anni Update. Martin, is this post shaping up to be a record for the most user replies in all of your blog or site history? Sure seems like it! Then again I ve only been reading your articles since 6 months. All of this could be false because this is only an Insider build that s being used to make all of these assumptions. It will be very embarrassing next week if it turns out that the way group policies work in the real release is different. Nobody is confirming anything with Microsoft and are just posting and reposting these findings in this one Insider build as facts regarding the final release of the Anniversary Update build. @ Matt . The about 1-week ago released Win 10 Insider Test Build 14393 will very likely be the coming 02 Aug 2016 Anniversary Update. If this change to GPEdit is in Build 14393, it will be in the Anniversary Update. I m a Windows Insider and have been since the Borg, (M.S.) started the program. The current version I have installed is 1607 (OS Build 14393.5), Windows 10 Pro. All that was said in the article Microsoft removes policies from Windows 10 Pro By Martin Brinkmann is true. I can not turn off Microsoft consumer experiences, choose to not show Windows Tips, turn Off the lock screen, or Disable all apps from Windows Store. I tried with and also with regedit, without success. You can be reasonably certain that the version of Windows Pro that I m using is going to be the Windows 10 Aniversary Update ; There is nothing absolute in this world, however, but I would say that it s 90% probable, and if it were a sporting event, that the mob would put money on it in Vegas. It may look a little diferent with some cosmetic changes, but it will be almost exactly like what I m using at present. Why else would they (the Borg) have Insiders give opinions on a version that would be different from what is to come, (if they did what would be the advantage of having Insiders in the first place. I look at as a front end program that makes changes to the registry, and a few other files in Windows. The most likely, (I m not a programmer), reason the gpedit can no longer make changes to the things mentioned in the article, is because MS has changed the permission level in various places in the registry, (and fixed that so you can not change those permissions. Those kinds of changes will not give you an error message, (you will think you succeeded, but nothing really changed), and this is true even if you edit the registry directly. I know that there have been other changes too, but no one has found them yet, (I ll leave that to your imagination. There were also some scheduled tasks pertaining to CEIP in windows 7, among other things. I don t know if they were also in win 8.1 and in win 10. Do you know if those tasks are still there, can they be disabled, are there new ones, etc. I don t worry too much about M.S. and their follies. I have 3 laptops and 6 desktops in my house, (not rich just never throw away much). Anyway, just to be prepared for what looks like is comming down the Pike from M.S. I put Windows 10 Pro on all of them, so they all are all digitally entitled for the life of their motherboards. So it was no problem to use Acronis, and make a backup for each of them and then install different flavors of Linux on them. Now all I need to do is set back and wait for the Windows 10 Pro Aniversary Update and see just how bad or good, (not likely good, but we ll see), it turns out to be. I also have a backup of Windows 7 for each of them, so when the time comes I will know what to do. I never used Windows 8 for very long, (a few months, then I ran Server as a workstation), so can t say much about CELP in Win 8 and 8.1. In Windows 7 I just turned it off, (it wasn t protected and could be shut off easily). In windows 10 you could shut it off in the registry and in gpedit, untill about the Feburary update, if I remember correctly. If you were not in the Insider Program or even if you were you wouldn t necessarily know that because Windows didn t try to force Candy Crush, etc. upon us until recently. Right now if you use Enterprise you can shut off all the stuff mentioned in the article, in or the registry, you can also shut off Windows Defender and it will actually stay off, unlike Windows 10 Pro, where it still overides other virus protection programs, (I of course haven t checked them all, but I did a couple of them and would make a bet it s like that with all of them). I haven t tried to shut off all the stuff in the article in Server 2016, but I may give it a shot pretty soon. I know it don t like various video card drivers so I can t play too many games on it right now untill dirvers mature some, so I have lost interest temporarly. I am sorry but this junk is making me tremendously tired. Back and force, left, right . stop, backwards, sidewards. Or maybe not but only if it rains on a Saturday at 11pm at Miller s house in Hicktown on Route 2222 when their cat is taking a nap on a red pillow with yellow stars after having a major bowel movement. What MS over the last year or so has created is so absurd and abstruse it s not worth following anymore. Their product Windows 10 is unacceptable and until today I cannot figure out why these guys are still making the big bucks. Windows 7 was their last good product. Something is wrong with a lot of customers. Seems they don t think anymore just consume everything that s being put in front of their faces. Very sad, indeed. I want to be able to configure Windows 10 my way not the Microsoft way. I have a My PC, my personal computer, not a this PC . I do not need to see more irrelevant advertising and useless products from the Microsoft store. I surely do not want Microsoft gathering information to offer to companies so they can target me with ads and BS. While they re at it the can take that Cortana nonsense with it as well. I do not have a talking computer, I will not pound my keyboard with questions their robot cannot answer. Microsoft s business plan seems to revolve around grubbing money by coercive product upgrades. I see little improvement in Windows 10 to XP, what Microsoft has done is reduce my options. I look at the internet for solutions of problems I have with my implementation of Windows 10 and see that they have been around in previous versions of Windows. I look at the comparison between Windows 10 Home and Pro I see the Group Policy editor is a feature of the Pro version not the home version. That was a selling point for me to make the upgrade to the Pro is tantamount to buying a car because it has round wheels, only to find the manufacturer recalling it to install square wheels; this is unacceptable. Class action suite would be a good thing, a better thing would be a real competitor taking some wind out of Microsoft s sails. If it is just your one or 2 home PCs, this is not a big deal. You simply delete the apps or tiles from the Start Menus when you login and just don t use the Store if you don t want to. This is only a problem for centrally managed PCs on a domain where there may be dozens, hundreds or thousands of computers since you can no longer manage access to the Store or prevent or delete downloads of promoted apps centrally on Windows 10 Pro. Why not having a paid but ad-free spy-free version like previous Windows versions for those who prefer to pay for their OS but have their personal computer in their control in the ways that are mentioned in the article and a free version on the other hand for those who don t want to pay for the OS but don t mind having their personal computer turned into a MS s advertising and spying platform. Since MS realized they are losing the battle to the kinds of Apple and Google, many of their actions have been on one extreme end or the other: first complete removal of the classic start menu button ignoring complaints from people who didn t like the change in the user interface; then bringing it back but starting to push people into Windows 10; now trying to force everybody into digesting MS s ads. As for me, I will never buy or pay for anything MS showing on my personal computer. What they do is just be annoying and I would much rather pay for my operating system than having these advertisements and spying on my personal computer. In regard to the start menu, MS approach in Windows 10 is more reasonable comparing to Windows 8: giving people more options: one can have the classic bottom left corner start menu or, a full screen start menu. Likewise, they can give options in regards to using the OS as an advertisement platform. @Ramin I don t disagree, and I think most people don t disagree with you either. I look at this, as a M.S. doing a power play, and they are going to win at it. M.S. is all about making profit. The power play is with System Administratiors of business s all over the world. It would be nice to know how many of them took advantage of the free Windows 10 offer and put it on company machines. Now that M.S. has made changes to Windows 10 Pro, the Systems Administrators have lost control over at least those PCs. The only way for them to get control back in a hurry is to either downgrade those PCs back to Windows 7 or whatever, or to buy Enterprise subscriptions from M.S. Think about it they don t want Susie secretary playing Candy Crush or putting cute little Kitty aps on the company PCs. The boss is going to be mad this week and the Systems Administrators are going to have to make the pitch for an Enterprise subscription, or spend time reversing what they did to the companys PCs recently. I think that M.S also may be trying to move the public towards buying into future subscriptions of Enterprise also, (we will soon see if that happens or not, but I would say it is pretty likely to happen soon). I m sure you know Enterprise is the one without adds, and games, etc. and the one you can customise pretty easily, and that otherwise looks and feels like Windows 10 Pro. Enterprise is the ad-free operating system, the one you want, it s just not available to the public right now. Try to get it if you can afford it, and prove to M.S. that you have a legit business, (tax # and all the usual proof. Most businesses would not upgrade on a whim and would have enterprise software. Small businesses may not but I don t think the change would effect their business. @John Key You re right about that but small business s it would be more likely. and it s very likely M.S. is making a move towards subscription Windows for the public. No business wouldn t be effected much, but time is money. Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is out now. It is pretty much the same as 1607 (OS Build 14393.5), Windows 10 Pro, (the last version that the M.S. Insiders had). Mine updated this morning. It is not just an update, it is a whole new Operating System, that is available through Windows Updates, (just click on Update). The new version number for Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Edition, is version 1607 (OS Build 14393.10). Go to your run command on the left click menu, and type winver to see the new version number after it installs. So we paid extra money for Win10 Pro only to be able to disable the annoying stuff including the start screen for our small office. Now they removed the corresponding policies on Win10 Pro. Are you serious, MS? What s next? Removal of BitLocker from Pro, removal of AD support. Time to file a complaint at the local consumer protection agency it seems. Or just walk over and punch someones face, your offices are vis-à-vis, MS. I can see your cheesy grins through my window everyday. Martin, I ve been using Ubuntu for a couple of years now, first as a live USB and then as an installed operating system on a 16 gig and, later, 32 gig USB. Yes, you don t need a dedicated PC, a reformatted hard drive with an Ubuntu partition, or even another hard drive at all. The total startup investment is a good quality USB stick. Ubuntu is free and downloadable. The software installed easily, boots from a USB drive and is easy to use, although the configuration process for some of my hardware was a bit obtuse. It s very complete out-of-the-box [even has it s own compatible Office alternative] and has thousands of add-on utilities you can install to do common Windows tasks you do now. Ask Ubuntu is a club. Don t expect a lot of real help there. What you ll get are admonitions about the poor choices you made. There are a few good people out there who do help, but mostly it is a cheering section for the software, especially for the terminal, which is its DOS-like behind-the-scenes. I avoid it like the plague now. It is the quickest way to bollikcs up a working system. Ubuntu is going to be my next OS as soon as I can find a good software to record my record albums. While Win7 is still working [less all the spyware updates I dumped], I m learning a new trick in my spare time. Anyone can. It s a GUI system that s improving constantly. Just start out with a live USB and play around at first before cutting it in stone. It ll run on a Mac too for those of you out there who fear more than one of the Big Three. Win 7 will be around for years yet and Apple shows no signs of folding their tent either. You have time. Why not improve your chances? Waiting for a change of heart from any of them is like Waiting for Godot [thanks Samuel Beckett]. Put down your phone for an hour a day and learn again. Even if you don t switch, you ll improve your mind. Pick up a copy of Waiting for Godot. You might enjoy it and improve your mind at the same time. If you install Classic Shell (and why wouldn t you? I hate the Win10 tiles start menu), it s Start Menu search box doesn t use Cortana. It functions just like it does in Win7. I ve confirmed that with a VM install running the Aug 2nd Anniversary update. I document it with screenshots here: t=59700#p355368. Also, be aware, that if you are using Win 10 Pro and you have Defer Upgrades checked in the Windows Update settings, you won t even be offered the Anniversary update for another 5 6 months, and maybe MS will have a change of heart. I have my two Win10 systems set to defer and they only just received the Nov 2015 Threshold 2 update. I m in no rush to get the Anniversary upgrade. Anyone who s a techie should defer upgrades if they re running Win10 Pro. There are a couple very easy to use Debian Linux alternatives Mint and Ubuntu. Both run on a flash drive on a dual boot system [I still have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my C drive stripped of it s telemetry updates]. My only experiences with both Google and Apple are that they do collect your information. Apple does give you the option to not participate, but I have no idea if that is actually functional or just stated. We live in a world dedicated to the cellphone boogie and must expect that our privacy is compromised. It seems we are all being tapped for as much information as possible and the courts are allowing it to happen. Windows 10 has a bunch of utilities available on the Internet that claim to be capable of turning off the privacy-thieves. There are many ways to strip telemetry from earlier Windows editions that are out on the Internet. Just type telemetry into your browser search box [I don t recommend using Google Search, Chrome or the Safari browsers -all collect info]. You can use WUSA on Win7 to uninstall specific updates yourself in an administrative DOS box, provided you know their number. Most of these numbers are in one of the articles out there. In response to Windows telemetry, CEIP, repeated pirate claims by MS, etc. I wrote a batch file using DOS Edit based on what I read out there and ran it on all of my computers to remove nearly 100 suspect updates dating back several years. I have two paid-for Windows 7 Ultimate licenses -one on each computer, but I was plagued with constant claims that I was using pirated software after refusing the Win10 update, until I removed kb971033. It s a Win XP update that tests for piracy, that s how old it is. So far, so good. BOHICA I had a hunch MS was up to somethin. As I understand all windows patches and update are automatic and there is little the user can do ot prevent this from happening. It is not that Microsoft is stupid or run by idiots they do this on purpose as their business plan. They cannot compete so they force users to play it the MS way. Competition is the only way out, take their profits. MS is just another mealy mouthed money grubbing mendacious mogulopoly. They don t even provide documentation with their flagshit product. Now they want to take the ability for users to configure Windows to their tastes and wants. As far as MS apps go I have never found a use for any of them. I have assiduously removed every app I did not find useful and a slew of others I found distracting; others may disagree and have a use for many of them. I have no quarrel with that. It appears Microsoft has a neurotic obsession to show its customers who s the boss. I submit that we ought to be submitting a never ending stream of complaints addressing this on other MS policies and at the same time be thinking of something along the lines of a class action suit. If you re invested, I suggest divesting. I took on windows 10 as a way to improve the operation of my computer, not to be Microsoft s cash box, rather cigar box. They ve been doing this for a long time. The more MS engages in this practice, the more I see them as cheap hustlers. It s is the only way the cellphone boogie can survive. Twenty plus years ago, we gave all the big players the ability to force the EULA down our throats. We didn t even whimper about it. An end to our privacy was in the offing then. I like Linux. I liked it back as far as Lindows, if you remember that variant. Linux is developing and may eventually be offering products that the mainstream can t ignore. BTW, I still have a dumbphone. September 4, 2016. i like know what lawyers will do class action law sutes on microsoft i got slam dunk case i found micorosft is hacking every one computers on all os and servers, but i cant find a lawyer willing go after microsoft over 1 year reashuch to find out how they doing it, and how they accessing the pc and servers its very odd but the pc or server ack gose out over the internet and bypass all ntfs permissions they hijack the users accounts if your admin on domain they up load all data off the domain and yess i got proof that microsoft doing just this, microsoft has made all os highy unstable doing this they force u reboot by locking up the pc or server and hidden updates are installed they able start vpn and other file shareing programs they able clone hole hard drive or server i know how its being done and i want sue on behafe all people in usa for theft wire taping, piricy. thefy copy wirted data and photos, and i want a lawyer willing go afer ceo board and all stock holders if possable for damages each person will be name in class action sute all perosnal bank accouts frozen plans ships seazed and other trasports in short i want lock up every one in cortpet office there sercury team and people who made the software its odd all the new software is being back dated to 2012 and befor one must ask why why back date updates but then again one knows laws one understand why i want stop them and i need help do it any one willing finance this i willing give part what i win in short i wont stop till i get what i want i can break there user agreements i have that kind proof and i can do what u all want any one help cincinnatiman_45214at hotmail i done computers all my life i want to stop them. September 4, 2016. Good Luck to you! I doubt if any lawyer will take your case. The courts seem to be in support of letting big tech companies collect and re-transmit anything they can collect. It all seems to be based on the idea that if we give them permission by accepting their EULA, they can basically do as they please with information we freely provide. After all, the EULA is legally binding. Think about what could happen to all of those folks who put their credit or debit card number in the hands of Apple, Microsoft or Google, not to mention many, many others, ostensibly to simplify purchase of products, software, music or such other items. How many of us use leaky software to do our banking worse yet their cellphone? As bad, consider what happens if a large [or small] bank, medical company or insurance company, even a local doctor s office, is breached. What I wonder is who else can piggy-back on tech company telemetry? Operating systems have generally poor security. Even hardware firewalls are no problem for many invaders. Consider that we all are now addicted to anti-virus, anti-malware and a host of other Internet security software we need to feel safe in Windows well beyond the solutions Microsoft provides. Apple and Google users are also vulnerable. But are we really safe using security software? How do users know? Is there a legal basis for suing tech thieves if we have already enabled them by accepting their terms. September 4, 2016. to reply to many emails the eula is link to when windows 7 and 8 was first put out as much microsoft wants change it by law they can not, throw they try to by backdateing all there updates but a orginal windows 7 disk proves that they did change eula, and even if they did not the eula dose not give them right to del information, to take information or to even use termal server on your pc, microsoft traces all ip address there code in reg cant be del well ok if u know how u can change any microsoft securty no matter where it is, as even if eula alow access to the pc dose not give microsoft the right to crash a hole network or to run backups to crash a domain by setting it back to earlyer state or brake the dns, this is hacking once microsoft did this they broken all eula, as microsoft is working with home land and stelling files rula gose out the door, microsoft has no right to give files over to goverment and goverment cant sheld them from leagle cost of there actions, as i running ios was built when windows 8 or 7 was bult that is eula the grand father cause provents them from changeing it, throw dont understand this look it up. microsoft has no right to have live access to a pc or to a hole network and if microsoft can do it so can any hackers, i have all microsoft ip address there is over 20 4 unix servers 6 3ed part servers that track dns, throw is way stop microsoft from doing this get the orgial oem disk install it and block all updates dont even start them this should proven them from adding the side by side and other hacking tools added, microsoft has hidden server no matter what u do u cant get access to it not even in dos, but there is a way to change securty i posted tons pics on twiters user name cincinnatiman0 these pics proves microsoft gone far be on there eula but in to hacking it self they beleave the goverment will proteck them i dont think they will if the people new microsoft doing this and show they should care, we the pepole can stop them but here probem look white race do u all think the middle class will even care to stop it they dont when comes to free speach there afade to even speak on internet afade to get fired and some do but what dose white people do not one dam thing we as people need to care we dont have be doing something wrong to force companyies to obay the laws and we should not alow them force new eula on us this is not leagle we alow micrsoft to do this all will do it and busness not goverment will take our rights away, this far more then one busness most all are doing it because they found people wont stop them, u break the eula first in cort door is open to do what ever u want, how break it prove microsoft has hack your pc this is very easy to do. in gpo where say alow remote access users remove all and re add one guest under denie log in and remote access add all system accounts remote access add all accounts. the logs will prove there hacking there in 4 places termal server, power shell, remote desktop and task schualer theres events will prove what microsoft is doing, the gust account being lock out will cause a system error and show up in logs, surch registery for all open software securty in gpo add the reg point to the software securty settings and put denie access will lock out the keys in total there is about 40 software points lock out systemwow64 is only a copy of system32 what u do one u have do bouth find all dll that has do with termal server rdt and lock them out lastly lock out microsoft,com has hostal stight u can only do this once os is actavated and have unlock it every 90 days to keep lissens or they remove it, i rather take them cort but need backing to do it and two dam good lawyers, i got 8 gigs proff i break eula once i break it anything is free for me to do why microsoft wont take me cort stop me how would they explane what they doing how would they justafie it and if they bring in the goverment sue them as well, best way stop microsoft is run hole system under vpn to internet but we need stop them all togather, throw i cant spell one thing i can do find probems in software and i done just that microsoft over past year gotton much worst and impove how they takeing files to even makeing new protocalls that cant be trace we all and all people need be more worried about big busness then govement we must not alow two to work as one. September 6, 2016. Again, much good luck to you, but I d rather use my dollar to get ready for the brave new world. Subscription software and information collecting is not new, but it is popular with the biggies because it does exactly what you describe it gives them access. After all, look at all the websites that set cookies on our PC s to identify us later on. It may be small-scale, but it is used for recognition and reading them helps the biggies target ads. In my multi-decades experience with computers, it has been prudent to get prepared and stay prepared. The past lawsuits have had little effect on the biggies. As many have answered to this article, using the power of the dollar seems to be the most effective course we have. Please, someone out there, write a good Debian software program aimed squarely at recording LP s, not other sound projetcs. It needs to have good noise suppresion that does not squelch the music. It needs to be oriented toward record listeners not propeller heads. I ll sure buy it and kiss Microsoft good bye. I am not talking Audacity, Goldwave or the Midiware stuff. Take a look at Spin-It-Again. Lean clean is best. September 7, 2016. So Microsoft is forcing my hand here. Depending on the outcome of the upcoming Apple releases I may seriously consider switching to Macbooks going forward for our company. We ve been using Pro for a very long time with zero issues but with all these changes to Windows 10 Pro maybe its time to seriously consider the switch. I get a ton of requests for Macbooks in our company, which we normally deny. I can switch to Enterprise but I ll be paying at least $74-100 a year per license on top of the laptop cost. Why should I have to do this when every computer comes with a Pro license that cannot be removed by the vendor? The so called cost savings between Macbook and Windows notebook comes down to almost nothing based on the current hardware we buy. I will have to use a slightly different computer management system but even then the cost difference is minimal. MacOS looks to be easier to manage without having to pull your teeth out every time there is an update. Especially now that Microsoft looks to be going into this 2 updates per year cycle. At least Apple only does it once per year. September 7, 2016. How are you going to centrally manage MacOS? You would be better off with Windows 10 Pro even with reduced GPOs. September 8, 2016. To All. Isn t it time to consider learning a new trick? The merits of one biggie OS over another is like supporting political views. The landscape changes almost as quickly as you can sign on. Most users have no idea who collects what behind the scenes, and most don t seem to care. When they set up their choice, they accept the defaults. Managing an OS and whether it is easier in one OS or the other is not an issue that burns very brightly for most computer users. I m old enough to remember this same argument when the first IBM PC s, and later the first Mac s were introduced. I used both and later the old Linux Lindows OS. Somewhere in some dusty box I m sure I still have a 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 inch floppy. Eventually, it just boiled down to what a user liked using. Users accepted whatever came with the OS they liked and with which they had become familiar, regardless of the pointless lawsuits and other carping. Look around. Cellphone computing in the Cloud and single board, single purpose computers like the Raspberry Pi [using Linux, Android or the like] are now the new frontier. Mac vs. Windows sounds more like a last gasp than regular breathing. I m old, but I want to continue regular breathing for as long as I can. Ubuntu and Mint look good to me. September 7, 2016. Simple to manage macOS. MDM systems, which our company is looking into. Also you don t need to image macOS systems. Apple has a registration system that will redirect the machine to your MDM when a valid user logs in. The key being that Apple doesn t install crap like Flipboard/twitter/candy crush on my company computer. September 8, 2016. No. If it was that simple, many more organizations would have done it. The MacOS management is extremely limited compared to what you can do with Windows to centrally manage settings, patching and applications installation. MDM does not compare to even group policy much less tools like SCCM available for Windows. Maybe if you just have a few Macs and you have time to go to each system and manually tinker with them to get them set up or you are at a small company where you just let your employee artists and designers do whatever, with the computers, that would work. September 8, 2016. So my alternative is to buy Enterprise licensing from Microsoft at a clip of $70-100 per machine per year. I don t want the consumer experience on Windows 10 Pro for my users. Soon they will remove the option to even add Pro to a Domain. I feel Windows 10 is still very consumer focused, especially in the Pro version. Companies with 500 machines would have to give Microsoft around $35,000 a year for enterprise licensing to do something they could do in Pro prior to this update. That s just messed up. On a side note: Even IBM is now offering Macs to employees due for a refresh and last I checked they were swapping people out at a clip of about 1,900 units per week. Mac management isn t impossible its just different. Much like with Microsoft software there are up front costs but once you get past that the delta is minimal. September 21, 2016. @Rebecca I couldn t have said it better. I agree with your first paragraph word-for-word, and the rest in general. I will run W7 in my lockdown config until I can t, and the nix learning curve is already in process. Vote with your wallet, deny these bastards until they learn or lose. September 21, 2016. That s the issue though. Windows 10 has some nice features that I personally like but the trade offs are really annoying. Like getting suggestions in my start menu, I call these ads. Apple doesn t do this so intrusively. Sure I will get suggestions when I open the app store but it isn t in my face all the time. Also, who pre-loads crap like Twitter on a machine.

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